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This modern civilization my friends has reached its limits: our planets’ natural resources are melting, the distribution of wealth is unequal, the earth is warming up, extremisms and right-wings movements are growing everywhere, we’re eating artificial food and pesticide-grown vegetables, the value of people is measured by their purchasing power, old people are dying alone, our kids spend more time in daycares than in their families, local shops are killed by Mc Donald’s and IKEA, traditional costumes are replaced by jeans, economies are crashing, unable to absorb the young labor force, unable to provide quality education, health and safety for all.

Still the world has never been as rich and as technologically advanced as it is right now.

Doesn’t this paradox strike you?

Doesn’t it scare you for the world you’re leaving to your kids?

Until recently, these thoughts used to scare me.

My only response to this crisis was an eagerness to improve my familial economic situation to protect myself and my kids from the upcoming crisis.

But I felt something was wrong with that.

Doing this, I was just contributing to the spread of this unfair system. By being part of it. 

But this is wrong.

Extending my survival and that of my kids is at most possible for the next 100 years. And then what?

Then it’ll be too late to do anything. Because modern civilization is based on a model that’s not sustainable.

One day or another, me or my kids will have to face its flaws.

One day or another, the planet will not be able to provide us with enough food and water.

What will we do with money? Or houses? Eat them? Drink them?

Can you imagine what it would be to have to fight to eat and drink?

And why all this?

Because this civilization is too busy accumulating wealth and thinking about its own survival.

Leaving the earth for Mars is a good example of this paradoxical situation: instead of putting technology, energy, money, time in taking care of this planet, we’re considering leaving it when we destroy it.

How sick is that?

The documentary I’ve watched in self-care act #124 opened my eyes. I might repeat myself and I’m sorry about it but the one thing that it restored is me is my belief that we still have the power as individuals to create a change.

Today, we’re at a crossroad of civilizations.

And basically, the world can go in one of the 2 following directions:

  1. Either we destroy mankind (those who will stay on earth at least)
  2. Or we build a more equitable, fair, balanced, kind, safe, reasonable, sustainable civilization.

I’m definitely choosing option 2.

I’m going to do it with all my heart, my energy and my faith.

Because I want my kids and theirs to be able to do what I did yesterday: sit by a stream, put my feet in cold water, watch the leaves, feel the wind in my hair and breathe.

Just breathe. And be happy.


PS:  If you’re not sure about what you want for the future, please take a day and go to nature. By yourself or with kids because they’re great guides. Reconnect with it. You’ll naturally feel how deeply you belong to it and how dramatically the modern world has distracted and disconnected us.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  In our modern world, we tend to forget this essential thing: we belong to nature. We’re born from a man and a woman (or a man and a womans’ cells), and one day or another we will all be dust. That day, we will not take our material possessions with us.

Reminding ourselves that we’re not eternal, that we’re just going by, can hopefully detach us from running after wealth accumulation and live in a more sustainable world.


I want to share this quote from Rumi about moderation and another one from St-Exupery about the earth:


Rumi was once questioned by a disciple.

What is Poison?
He replied : Anything which is more than our necessity is Poison. It may be Power, Wealth, Hunger, Ego, Greed, Laziness, Love, Ambition, Hate or anything


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.


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