My dear friends, in this blog, I’m sharing with you all the details of my self-care journey and I really hope it encourages you to take better care of yourselves.

Here are a couple info that are really important to keep in mind if you want to start taking good care of yourselves.

1. First: only you can determine what is self-care to you. Nobody else. Not your mom who wants you to lose 50 pounds. Not your best friend who thinks you need to try yoga when you feel it’s not something for you. And definitely not magazines or society who want you to be perfect and keep giving you the impression than no matter what you do, you’re not good enough. Self-care is about you taking good care of yourselves, with your own unique body, soul, heart and mind.

2. Second : always keep the notion of change in mind. What I mean by this is that we’re all subject to change. So are our needs. An activity that feels good one day won’t necessarily feel good the day after. Going for a 40 minutes run might the right thing to do to increase your well-being one day. And reading in a comfy armchair in front of the fireplace might be the other way to go the other day. So before taking care of yourselves, listen to yourselves.  And see what feels right.

3. Third, self-care is about care: there shouldn’t be any pressure in taking care of yourselves. That’s one of my mottos since I’ve started this journey. 365 days is challenging when you have a job, kids, and when, like me, you want to blog and share your experience. So anytime I feel pressure, I remind myself that the whole journey is about taking better care of myself, not the opposite. It helps me put things into perspective and accept the idea that anything I write, or share, or experiment will be imperfect. Same for you, if you put too much pressure on yourself for taking care of yourself the perfect way, you’re not taking care of yourself anymore.

4. Four, self-care is not selfish: I wrote a whole post about it because too many people think self-care is about isolating yourself in a comfortable egocentric bubble and not caring about the world around you. This misconception bothers me. I don’t see how one can take care of others if they don’t take care of themselves. If you accept the idea of charging your phone’s battery when it’s down, then you should accept the idea of charging yourselves before you turn off. As simple as that.

5. Five, self-care is a learning process: the more you take care of yourselves, the more you know how to take care of yourselves, the better you feel. And the more you take care of yourselves. And this virtuous circle goes on forever.

6. Finally, self-care spreads collective-care: the more you take care of yourselves, the better you feel, the better you take care of people around you, the better they feel, the better they take care of people around them.

I hope these 6 tips, based on my learnings, will be useful and will help you on your own journey.

If you liked this post, thank you for sharing my friends. It means a lot to me. 


Love to all and thanks for reading!