and the self-care journey

Hello friends-

Thank you for being on this page!

My name is Meryem (Aka Mimi). I’m Moroccan and in 2012, I moved from Casablanca to California. I joined Hubby who worked there since early 2011.

At that time, we had three kids: His Dudeness, Lila -both from a previous marriage- and Duderina.

In 2014, we moved to Maryland where little Duderino was born.

Since I moved to the US, I’ve worked mainly online. I’ve launched a 100% natural skin care line with Argan Oil, I’ve been writing a lot and recently, I’ve embarked in the Self-Care Journey.

It sounds super cliché but I didn’t really start this journey. It started on its own. Let me tell you the whole story and judge by yourselves.

I was lying on my bed on a screen-free afternoon of December 2016, doing nothing, staring at the ceiling. There was a beautiful sunshine outside and I was feeling just perfect in my small AirBnb home-sweet-home in Bethesda,

I was talking to my brother Ali on the phone and I told him that I was reading, writing and just enjoying the moment on a screen-free afternoon.

My brother showed an unexpected enthusiasm towards the idea of a screen-free afternoon. He told me he should do the same.

This sentence started it all: he should do the same? I wasn’t doing anything special.

I was lying on my bed. Enjoying a little sunshine. With no external stimuli to distract me from being mindful and taking full advantage of the moment.

That’s when I thought: Ali is true. A screen-free afternoon is simple. But it’s powerful. It’s Self-Care.

I should do that more often. Actually, I should do it more often and share with people, like I did with my brother.

Why not create a community? A community of people who want to take good care of themselves. And by sharing their ideas, support each other achieving a greater well-being.

I could start the movement by picking-up daily self-care ideas and sharing the experience on a blog.

I had in mind to do it for 7 days  and then ask people to share their own self-care ideas with me.

I didn’t want to think about it too much.

Because my experience showed me that when I think too much about something, I end up having too many ideas.

And instead of helping me, this profusion blocks me because it adds too many things to my to-do list. Then the laod of works looks like a mountain, it discourages me and I end up doing nothing.

So I didn’t think about it twice. During that same screen-free afternoon, I randomly selected 7 acts of self-care.

And the day after, I filmed a 1 min video of myself talking about self-care with a very vague concept in mind.

I posted it on a Facebook community to which I invited my friends and family and started doing one act of self-care per day. And started sharing my experience.

After a week of self-care, I was hooked. I wanted more than 7 days.

So again, without giving it a second thought, I announced on the Facebook page that I would embark in a self-care journey, create a blog and do 1 act of self-care per day for 365 days.

Yes, you heard me.

I committed to doing 1 act of self-care per day for 365 days without thinking about the consequences of this decision.

Without thinking about the load of work this would add to my already busy days.

Without planning the self-care acts to come.

And without knowing how to build a blog.

But I think things happen for a reason.

I still don’t know what this reason is. But so far, it’s bringing so much pleasure and joy to my life that I’m just happy I have started it.

And that itself might be the reason.

I don’t know how you landed on this page but thank you for being here and for reading it.

I hope this journey gives you simple and affordable ideas to take better care of yourselves and brings you as much pleasure as it does to me.

Love to all my friends!