list all the blessings in my life





15-30 minutes



Let’s start with the foundations:
– My family and I are in good health,
– I have a shelter,
– I have enough to eat and drink everyday,
– I live in a safe environment with access to healthcare and education for my kids,
– I have the most caring and loving family I could wish for,
– My friends live all around the world -most of them being very far- and still are so present in my life.

These blessings -which are the most important ones- are so obvious in the comfort of my modern life that I started listing them mechanically.

But the longer I thought about each point, the more I realized how lucky I am and the more gratitude I felt.

And what was supposed to be an introduction to a long list of blessings is going to be my list.

I could be in a war zone right now. Or an accident could happen and change my life for ever.

How would I then perceive yesterday? As a blessed moment I didn’t enjoy because I was desiring more?

Making this list reminded me of the value of my fragile life and that of the present moment.

I’m grateful for the privilege I have to be safe and healthy and loved.

Happy day to all and see you tomorrow !


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Note: Posts 1-10 are relatively short.

When I started the Self-Care Journey, I didn’t know I was embarking for 365 days. I had a very vague idea of what my concept or my objectives -appart from taking care of myself- were.

I’m keeping the posts the way they were initially published so that you can witness the evolution of my journey and live the experience the way I did.

Love to all and thanks for any comments you’d like to leave.

WHY IS IT SELF-CARE?  Most of the time, we focus on what’s missing in our lives. Listing our blessings is a powerful reminder of the luck we have.


To get the most benefit of this self-care act, really ground yourself in the moment while you’re making your list.

Take the time to stop at every item and see how you feel emotionally about it.

You’re grateful for your health? Then try to feel your body and how lucky you are to be able to use your arms, legs, tongue, ears. Try also to imagine what life would be like if you lost any of them.

My friends, the power of this act is that you cannnot practice it without feeling thankful and happy about what you have, whatever it is.